The origin of Imnara Ltd dates back to 1963 when Mr Carmel Micallef started importing raw and packaging materials for the food and beverage industry. Today, it has developed into a company mainly importing, trading in and distributing raw and packaging material for food and allied industries. The company is also engaged in the manufacture of semi-processed foods and ingredient mixes, seasonings and condiments.

The company also offers consultancy services to the industry based on the vast experience of Mr Carmel Micallef, who is qualified in enology, food processing and agriculture.

Mr Michael John Rossi is a qualified pharmacist and is in charge of the company's quality assurance operations as well as marketing research and development.




The 'Imnara' was an Oil Lamp ( in Maltese musbieh ) holder, used in ancient households for carrying the oil lamp in it around the house. It consisted of an ear handle, in the case of big ones , two ear handles , a bottom shelf with canopied ventilator and window emitting the light. The Imnara was introduced into these Islands at least since 800 A.D. around the time of the Arab rule of the Islands and was still in use till the first half of the 20th Century. The word imnara, which is of Arab syntax, is also similar to the word Luminara, another word for lantern in Italian. In Maltese the translation of 'imnara' is 'l-imnara'.
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